's girls and boys are the optional leaders of 2008
(from the archives) started in 2000 as an interlinked project.
it contains programmed movies, virtual installations, 
interactive buttons, semantic researches and changes,
and multitudinous concepts and code experiences.

2005 was invited to the Kunsthaus Graz (MKL). showed the land, which was some kind of
a reentry situation: the virtual reality of the internet 
was copied to the real world and vice versa.

years before opened up for various artists, 
fashion designers and musicians... this group is still 

beside technical, philosophical, social and aesthetical 
concepts - also has strong political demands, 
by offering a highly professional distribution channel 
to cultural producers, by running own root servers and
using always the newest technics to build up an 
independent network. 

pleasant journey - and don't get lost!


junk now!